Update Scanner Drivers For Maintenance and Repair of Your Scanner

Most people who own scanners use these devices often, making it necessary to update scanner drivers frequently. If your scanner drivers are outdated, then you probably can’t use your scanner properly.

Perhaps it won’t scan documents the correct way, or maybe your computer doesn’t even recognize the device. Regardless of what the symptoms are, these are sure signs that you have to update your drivers. So, here are a few tips on how to update scanner drivers.

So, what do Scanner Drivers DO?

Your operating system requires drivers to process information that is coming from the scanner. If your operating system (such as Windows) doesn’t have this information, then it can’t even recognize your scanner! Drivers allow your OS and your scanner to communicate with each other.

This is one of the reasons that drivers can become outdated once you upgrade your operating system. Upgrading the operating system results in changes being made at the registry level. The computer’s drivers are affected by these adjustments in the OS.

Checking the Cables and Ports

It’s a good idea to check your scanner cables to make sure everything is plugged in correctly. Also, sometimes your computer requires specific software to be used in tandem with the scanner. An example of this is the Kodak PhotoSMART software, which comes pre-installed with certain scanners. You may need to configure this software. Check your installation manual if you need to confirm any information related to the scanner.

You Can Use Your Installation CD Clackmann Weather

It’s possible to install new drivers using an installation CD. Often, when you purchase a scanner, an installation CD will accompany the hardware. So, check this CD for drivers as well. However, you might still have to update drivers if you’ve upgraded your operating system.

Keeping Your Operating System Fresh

Remember, if your version of Windows is outdated, you probably don’t have very up-to-date drivers, either. So check your Windows updates to see if you need to apply a general update for Windows. You can do this by opening the System and Security category within the Control Panel.

Finding Drivers Online

If you have to install specific drivers, then you can try download and install them from the scanner manufacturer’s website. Just navigate over to the manufacturer web site, and look within the “Support” and “Downloads” categories. Here, you’ll see a variety of drivers displayed. Identify the correct make and model, download the driver, and you’re good to go. Remember, this method usually requires a bit of work, so be patient when you’re browsing to find the right one.

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