Their Influences on Our Modern Kitchen Ranges and Ovens

We take fireplace and fireplace hearths for granted in our homes and buildings both for their friendly warming decorative value and as social gathering places and accessories in home decoration. Yet where and how did our modern fireplaces appear on the scene and originate? When did this modern sort of heating and cooling technology and technologies begin to make their appearance and appearances on the home heating and accessory decorative scene? custom range hoods

In retrospect it seems that the modern day fireplace and fireplace design setups track back from the early English British Isles Norman era. Unlike it predecessor the Norman household setup, was frequently set over two not the one story of the earlier Saxon household arrangement and layout. Saxons fire hearth and cooking arrangements allowed for simple escape of smoke via drafty roofs and walls and in some advanced setups in the Saxon era buildings a simple hole might be placed in the roof top for further smoky air ventilation. With two stories in the house, and an obvious ceiling barrier from the second story to smoke and heat exhaust, a different method of smoke air ventilation and exhaust obviously had to be in place.

Thus early chimney design was born. It can be said and described that these early chimney setups and layouts were in the form of large, almost cambered ventilation hoods, cambered slightly, which were supported and held firmly in place by heavy well built supports of stone along with stone fittings. In advanced forms of this early Norman heating technology and technologies a recesses in the back walls of the recesses of these chimney features where depending on the uses, needs and preferences of the householders either a clay cup could be placed to heat or boil water cuts of meats could be hung so that they could be cured or perhaps even smoke cured. This might be seen as early incarnations of either kitchen ranges and ovens, or smoke houses for meats.

It is always amazing – even when it comes to heating technology that form follows function and always no matter what the woman of the house in indelibly the master.



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