The Benefits of Facial Steamers

Hot and cool steam offer a variety of benefits to your skin, particularly if you suffer from dry skin or blemishes. Most people have discovered the benefits of facial steamers after visiting salons and spas, but the ability to facial steamer perform your own steaming at home is more convenient and affordable.

Steam offers a number of benefits including:

* Opening the ports for easy removal of dirt and dead skin cells
* Stimulates blood circulation, providing a refreshed appearance
* Rehydrates the outer layer of skin
* Opens up clogged nasal and sinus passages

In the past people have used boiled water in a teapot, sitting in a gym’s steam room or applying hot compresses. People have even held their faces over pots of boiling water. Unfortunately, many of these present safety issues.

However, an at home steamer provides all of the benefits of facial steaming at a salon or spa. The home steamer allows you to perform your own facials at home on your own time. Whether you enjoy a facial before you go to bed or first thing in the morning, all you have to do is fill the water tank, plug in and turn on. You’ll be enjoying your own steamer in just a few minutes.

If you enjoy exfoliating your skin, you’ll also find that a home steamer makes it easy to remove a facial mask. Apply the mask and allow it to dry as you normally would. Then allow the steam to soften the mask and remove with a warm rag. You will find the mask comes off of your face without you have to over scrub to remove it, which could cause inflammation.

Other benefits of steam are that it delivers oxygen and moisture to the skin while also removing toxins. The steam opens up the pores and loosens any blackheads or whiteheads and helps to prevent future blemishes.

It is important that your steamer atomizes the steam first. The benefit of the steam being atomized by the steamer, however, ensures that the steam particles are small enough to be absorbed by your skin, as regular steam particles are actually too large.

Today’s new steamers also come with a cold mist feature. This feature is excellent if you suffer from allergies, as it removes allergens from the skin. You will also find that it causes the skin to tighten up and shrinks the pores. Cool mist also helps to reduce redness and inflammation.

You can also add essential oils to the steamer. Depending on your skin type, you will want to use different essential oils. For instance, oily skin benefits from fennel, rosemary or lemon. Dry and sensitive skin benefits from chamomile and lavender. Sun damaged skin benefits from lemon oil or oil of patchouli.

As you can see, there are a variety of benefits to at home facial steamers and you can enjoy all of the convenience of the spa in your own bedroom or bathroom.

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