Security Doors Manufacturers

Cases of unauthorized entry have increased over time, which has prompted the security doors manufacturers to go into the manufacture of automated door security systems. Door security systems are designed to protect homes and business premises from forced entry. Exactly what are these security doors manufacturers doing to protect our homes and investments?

Door security system can be installed on different types of doors such as wood, plastic, metal and even glass. The security doors manufacturers make door security systems in different specifications to suit the security requirements of different types of establishments. Security systems for a household may consist of a password enabled locking devices. High-end door security systems are often enhanced with intruder alarms and well positioned security cameras.

Large organizations and government agencies have advanced identification systems that are manufactured in accordance to the specification of the organization. These may include biometric solutions. Fingerprint identification is one of the biometric solutions. It is a system that contains digital fingerprint records of all authorized persons. The door will not open unless the persons’ fingerprints match those in the organizations database. In case of an unauthorized person’s attempt to open the door, an alarm alert is set off and waiting security personnel responds to the call. door manufacturers

Security doors manufacturers have also come up with laser technology. This technology has an invisible beam of laser surrounding the door. If there is an intruder or anything that interrupts the beam, the circuit is disconnected and an alarm is activated to alert the security personnel.

Motion sensors are also incorporated in door security system to detect movement in front and around a door. Every movement detected activates an alarm in the control room and a response is made by security officers.

When buying a home security screen door from the security doors manufacturers there are several features of the door which need to be considered including the materials the door frames are made from, grille strength, mesh type, the number of hinges and the locking devices used. It should be constructed of tempered aluminum or galvanized and powder coated steel. Not only are these doors stronger, they also offer greater protection against rust and corrosion, which results from extended exposure to the weather. Double-check the door to make sure it has reinforced corners and that the corner joins are fully welded to the door.

Households and organizational establishments have been able to protect their properties as well as individual lives. Thanks to the deployed revenues of security doors manufacturers into the research and development of new door security system.

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