Aliexpress Realme GT – An Honest Review


The Realme GT5 it is a popular and advanced cell phone that is perfect for people who are always on the go. It is one of the many phones from Realme, that can be used with Windows CE. This phone offers features such as an intuitive interface, high definition video recording, the ability to send SMS and MMS, the ability to browse the web, play games, and much more. All of these conveniences can make the Realme phone a great phone for anyone who needs constant communication while on the go. realme gt

Realme GT5 Phone Review: The Realme phone has a large LCD display that offers a high density for text and image viewing. While the operating system is based on Android 3.2, it is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon S MSM888 Octa-processor. The Realme GT5 also features a high-end dual-screen video camera which can be used as a camcorder, a HDTV output port, microphones, digital camera and video recorder. Other Realme phones include the Realme GT Lite, Realme Premier, and Realme Ultimate. All of these phones are powered by the same octa-core processors and have plenty of memory space to store videos, music and images.

Realme GPS: In addition to all of the standard features found in most Realme phones, the Realme GPS does add a couple new features. One of the features is the built in GPS, which allows users to enter a destination, receive directions to that location, see the map, and view Google Maps online. Another feature added to the Realme GPS is the ability to connect to a wireless laptop or computer to download the maps directly to the phone. This eliminates the need to carry around a separate GPS unit.

Aliexpress Realme GP: The Aliexpress Realme GP comes with a full QWERTY keyboard with an eye-catching layout. The keys are firm and can be pressed easily with no leg action. The phone also sports a large and bright 7.2 inch screen, which isn’t as bright as some of the higher end phones but does make for an impressive and colorful QWERTY keyboard. The screen has a decent resolution for a mid-range phone and is crisp. The Realme GP also has four USB ports, which allow it to connect to any computer or other phone with a USB cable.

Design and exterior: The Realme GT is slightly larger than some of the mid-range phones on the market, but its looks aren’t anything spectacular. Instead, the Realme is built solidly and consists of two pieces the back panel and the front glass. The back panel is made of sturdy and durable silicone that protects the touch sensitive buttons and camera lens from damage.

Battery life: The battery on the Realme is sufficient for most users but it isn’t anything special. The Realme runs on the same A1 chip found in many mid-range smartphones. The processor is speedy and precise, however, it doesn’t have the quick charge time and longer battery life of some top-end smartphones. For this reason, if you plan to use your smartphone a lot, you might want to consider another, higher-end smartphone with a quad-core processor and higher-end screen size. However, the Realme is still a great phone to have around because it’s a great multimedia device with a sleek design and lots of features.

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